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The 2017-19 certification application is now closed.

To complete the Spartan Green Certification process, please follow the steps below. You can save your work and return later if need be.

  1. Visit the Spartan Green Certification website.
  2. Use the 'Apply now' button to begin. Sign-in using your MSU email address ( and associated password.
  3. Please “Select your space” from the drop down menu to indicate the certification category you are applying for.
  4. Fill out the contact form and either select “Proceed to Bronze” or “Save Draft” to return later.
  5. Complete the Bronze Level questionnaire by indicating “Yes”, “No”, “Plan To” or “N/A”.
    • YES means that the statement is true for the space more than 70% of the time.
    • NO means that the statement is true for the space less than 50% of the time.
    • PLAN TO means that efforts will be made to implement the practice in the next year.
    • N/A means that the statement does not apply. You will be asked to provide a brief explanation.
  6. For further explanation of each statement, hover over the symbol.
  7. After answering the Bronze level questions, you can either (1) Save a draft for later submission, (2) submit a final application at the Bronze-level, or (3) proceed to the Silver-level questionnaire.
    • If you submit a final application at the Bronze-level, you will not be able to continue to Silver or Gold-levels.
    • If you complete the Silver-level questions, you can choose to submit a final application at that level or select “Proceed to Gold” to apply for Gold-level certification.
  8. You have the option of uploading documents (photos, PDFs, etc.) to support your Gold-level application.
  9. If Gold- or Silver-levels seem too difficult at this time, you can always “Go Back” to the previous level to apply.

Once you have completed this application and submitted it for scoring, you will receive a confirmation

Please contact us if you need assistance completing the application, or if you have any questions or concerns.

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