At Michigan State University, building a healthier, more sustainable campus is a priority for students, faculty and staff alike. In support of this effort, MSU's Sustainability department is again calling on the Spartan community to examine the role they play in reducing resource use on campus, through participation in the Spartan Green Certification program.

The application period for 2017-19 certification is now open. The purpose of the Spartan Green Certification program is to distinguish, support and promote units on campus that are enlisting the necessary actions to reduce their environmental impact and resource use. The online self-assessment program recommends best practices in different types of spaces such as information technology spaces, science laboratories, kitchens, offices and MSU Extension.

The Sustainability department is asking campus units to help increase MSU's green certified spaces and contribute to ambitious goals set forth by the university in the areas of energy, water, waste reduction and transportation. The practices outlined in the program will help units make smarter decisions about their use of resources, so an increase in participation in the program will directly improve efficiency and reduce costs for the university.

As a leader among universities in our commitment to solving big environmental issues, MSU is inviting campus units to consider the part they play in helping the university reduce environmental impact by participating in Spartan Green Certification.

Departments have until Friday, March 3, 2017 to apply for certification. For full program details and instructions for applying, visit the Spartan Green Certification page.