"Earth'd" is a short, comedic video produced by Residential Initiative on the Study of the Environment students Victoria Chapman, Annalisa Rocca, Makenzie Bosworth and Maeve O'Dowd. The video aims to educate students on the importance of recycling and how their behaviors can impact the environment on a global scale.

By Victoria Chapman, Makenzie Bosworth and Maeve O'Dowd

In the Fall of 2015, during a Residential Initiative on the Study of the Environment (RISE) freshman seminar, our class was presented with the task of writing a grant that would make some sort of an impact on MSU's, and possibly the world's, environment. The four of us sat there with such a large task at hand and decided that one of the most effective ways to make an impact on the environment is to make sure people are educated about it. With Environmental Sustainability and Communication based majors, we ran with the idea of creatively informing students by using our grant to create a video that would soon be titled "EARTH'D."

As RISE students, we work to do our part in making sure that the pressing environmental issues that exist in our world are being researched, educated on and ultimately fixed. We wanted to spread this philosophy with others, and decided to do so by focusing our video around recycling habits here on campus. In order to engage as many students as possible, we had students take a survey on recycling habits, interviewed students during filming of the video and then shared our video with others.

A photo of the filming of the video. In the image, one of the film producers interviews a student on their recycling habits.

We knew there was no way to track or guarantee change as a direct result of the video. However, by educating the students on the importance of recycling and showing them that other students care, our hope is that we inspired a good portion of them to be more mindful of the way they handle waste.

A photo of the production team.
Left to right: Victoria Chapman, Makenzie Bosworth, Maeve O'Dowd and Annalisa Rocca.