As Michigan State University works to develop institutional-level strategies to improve campus sustainability and resource conservation, the Sustainability department is once again calling on the MSU community to reflect on the role they play in constructing a sustainable campus by participating in the Spartan Green Certification program.

The Spartan Green Certification program is designed to recognize, assist and promote units that are taking steps toward reducing their environmental footprint. The application period for 2016-18 certification is now open, and with three levels of achievement (Bronze, Silver and Gold), every space has the opportunity to reduce their overall impact by embracing the best practices outlined in the program.

In order to fulfill the aggressive goals set forth by the university in the fields of energy, waste reduction, water and transportation, Sustainability is asking campus units to help increase MSU's green certified spaces by 25 percent. The best practices outlined in MSU's green certification program are designed to help units make smarter resource decisions, so an overall increase in program participation will lead to greater efficiencies and reduced costs for the university.

As an institutional leader at the forefront of addressing the world's sustainability issues, MSU is challenging campus units to create a strategy for sustainable campus growth by participating in Spartan Green Certification – because as Spartans it is not just what we do, but why we do it.

Departments have until March 4, 2016, to complete the certification. Full program details and instructions are available online, at: