I've been a media and communications assistant in MSU's Sustainability department for over a year now, and I can say this organization provides great experience to any student who gets the chance to be a part of it. During my internship, I was responsible for evaluating, planning and contributing to the department's social media channels and writing articles pertaining to sustainability on MSU's campus, which were a great addition to my personal portfolio.

The big lessons I learned during my time here weren't solely from what I accomplished, but from where I worked. Working in the department made me more self-aware about my own sustainable actions and taught me what it means to Be Spartan Green. Through my internship I developed a passion for recycling and being sustainable in my daily routine that I will continue through my post-grad life.

Four student interns were recently hired in Michigan State University's Sustainability department. Student employees are vital to the success of the university, as are internships to students. Working in the same institution that you attend for school looks great on any resume, provides excellent networking opportunities and creates a lasting connection to the school, even after graduation. The lessons learned here will follow these individuals wherever they go.

Meet the new interns below, and good luck to them in their future endeavors!

- Carly Giles '15

A photo of MSU Sustainability's new student interns posing in front of Beaumont Tower.
MSU Sustainability welcomes new student interns. Left to right: Tim Montoya, Grace Noyola, Kelsey Allan and Sam Floyd.