Five new do-it-yourself bike repair stations are being installed on campus thanks to donations made by avid bikers, Rick Brown and Kathy Donahue-Brown. The repair stations encourage bicycling on campus by providing a place for cyclists to fix flats and make minor adjustments.

The new repair stations feature air pumps and various tools that will provide students, faculty and staff with resources to maintain equipment and discourage bike abandonment. According to MSU Bikes Service Center manager Tim Potter, there were approximately 1,600 bicycles abandoned and impounded by MSU in 2014. Many of these bikes had problems that are easy fixes and could have been avoided by using the repair stations. "If people can easily do simple maintenance on their bikes they will be less likely to abandon them," said Potter.

A photo of Cayden Bunnell, MSU Recycling Center employee placing his bicycle on a campus bike repair station.

New repair stations have been installed at Phillips, Holden and Yakeley halls and two additional stations will be installed at Brody and East neighborhoods in April. Repair stations can also be found at the Bikes Service Center and Bike Garages located in the Grand River Avenue Ramp and Communication Arts and Sciences Ramp.

Existing and future station locations are denoted on the Bike Repair Station map.