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Michigan State

Spartan Green Event Certification

From 2015 to 2017, the Spartan Green Event Certification program served as a verification tool for events on campus organized by individuals who were working to maximize recycling, reduce landfilled waste, lessen consumption and ensure products at the event are reused or repurposed.

In this photo, an MSU student talks to a Sustainability employee during a campus tabling event. A banner reading, We are Spartan Green, is displayed prominently.

As of August 1st, 2017, the Sustainability department is no longer offering the formal application and certification process, but resources are still available to help you make sustainable choices when planning your next campus event. Events on campus can generate waste ranging from 50 to 31,000 pounds, and with countless campus events taking place each year, MSU needs the help of every Spartan to ensure that campus remains green.

Tips for reducing the impact of your event

  • Choose locally sourced food options
  • Utilize real silverware and china, instead of paper or Styrofoam alternatives
  • Pick a location close to biking/walking paths or bus stops
  • Encourage carpooling amongst participants
  • Use public recycling bins to demonstrate landfill waste diversion

If you are planning a campus event and would like assistance reducing your impact, please consult our tips above, or contact the Sustainability department.