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Michigan State

Funded projects for 2014-15

MSU Sustainability Communications Audit

Shannon Cruz, School of Journalism

Michigan State University has a deep history in agriculture and the environment. MSU Sustainability promotes environmentally-friendly practices in order to maintain campus resources for generations to come. The department promotes sustainability using various visual and verbal messages to encourage people to use their resources responsibly. After the department’s restructuring, a visual audit of their on-campus messaging was needed. This project conducted an audit of the department's visual approach, and identified gaps and impacts of the visual branding.

A Truly Green Space

Hannah Brenner, Residential Initiative on the Study of the Environment

Imagine a place on campus where plants, birds, bees and butterflies are plentiful. This project sought to create such a space by developing a natural community space outside Bailey Hall. The project envisioned a self-sustaining space that would attract pollinators, birds and students alike. The space would involve students during the install, thus engaging them in conversations about greenscaping and making a beautiful landscape that compliments the natural ecology of the environment.

Campus Conservation Nationals (CCN) 2015

Tiffany Pupa, School of Planning, Design and Construction

Campus Conservation Nationals (CCN) is a nationwide competition between college and universities to reduce electricity and water consumption. CCN aims to show that conserving electricity and water can be easily accomplished through simple steps and minor behavioral changes. This project sought to inform residents of easy ways in which they can reduce utility consumption, while living on campus and beyond.

Underrepresented Students: Awareness, Perception, and Involvement with Recycling and Other Sustainability Efforts

Stephen Carney, Department of Plant, Soil and Microbial Sciences

Little is known about the sustainability practices and perspectives of underrepresented students at Michigan State University or elsewhere. This information is critical to efforts to insure inclusion and active involvement of underrepresented undergraduate and graduate students in the numerous sustainability efforts being developed at schools, colleges and universities throughout the nation.

Through this project the MSU chapter of the national society for Minorities in Agriculture, Natural Resources and Related Sciences (MANRRS) conducted an online survey at the 30th annual MANRRS conference on March 26-29, 2015 in Houston, TX to assess (1) the degree of recycling by underrepresented students who are studying disciplines related to food, agriculture and natural resources (FANR) and (2) the attitudes and perspectives that underrepresented FANR students have about recycling and other sustainability efforts.

Earth Day Extravaganza

Allison Montambeau, MSU Sustainability

The student group know as Sustainable Spartans requested funds to support their annual Earth Day event at the MSU Rock. In addition to painting the rock and advertising with chalk, the group hosted a variety of activities intended to engage MSU students and enhance their awareness of sustainability.